This website is dedicated to the quilt I am making, using Jane A. Stickle's quilt as a pattern.


I loved Jane's quilt but never thought about making one until I joined a swap that was based
on this theme.  I then bought the book, Dear Jane by Brenda Papadakis, and decided I had to make one
myself also.

And that grew to me doing 3 sets for the swap and then 2 quilts for me, but I decided that I would
concentrate on just one quilt, since the swap blocks filled my need for a CW repos Baby Jane. 

See the progress on the now kaput Jane.

But I can see myself making another one sometime...I think I've been bitten by some Dear Jane bug!

So, for my quilt, I am  using a burgundy with a black scroll print fabric and a black scroll
fabric for the background.

The name of the quilt is Fancy Meeting You Here, Jane!

I have haven't made much progress on this endeavor, but I am check back for updates!

Stats: 17-0-0-129

Stat Numbers are: # of blocks done - # of triangles done - # of corners done - # of pieces total

The graphics used in this theme are from the Original "Mother" Quilt, made by Jane A. Stickle.

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