These are some blocks for different things.

(click each picture to view a larger image.)

TRPQG Chopstick Challenge Block

This is for the TRPQG's Chopstick Challenge.  It was machine pieced and hand appliqued.

We were give this fabric:

NC Quilt Symposium Block Party Block

This is for the NC Quilt Symposium's Block Party...the blue, pink and green fabrics were provided.  The theme is Silver Anniversary, since this is the 25th symposium.  This block is called Silver Linings.

Bachelor Buttons and Butterflies

This block was made for the CQP retreat block contest.  The contest blocks went to charity!

Never Forget

This block was made for the Create A Craft Block contest.  The theme was Heart of America.  The Columbia tragedy had just happened, so I put the crew's patch image onto the center heart.


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