I just took a short class on fabric painting at a state-wide guild meeting and I am signed
up for Georgia Bonesteel's Setacolor Surprise class in May, however I just had to keep
trying things out after the short class.

I am using the Setacolor Transparent paints by Pebeo and Course Kosher Salt.
For sun resists, I think you could use anything; thread, string, safety pins, bobbins, card stock.

Below are some of the pieces I have painted:)

In class, we had several small pieces of cotton fabric to try the techniques out and then a silk scarf we got to paint and hope it turned out:)


Stripes with Salt Effect and White on Squiggly Stripes


Rolled Stripes and Folded Stripes

Sun Resist with metal template and string along with salt effect

Silk Scarf with Salt Effect and Scrunched

My Cotton Pieces


Stripes and Salt, Circles and Salt, Dots and Salt


Arcs and Folded, Stripes and Folded, Rolled Stripes - all with a little salt...oops!


Scrunched and Salted and Random Dots and Salt


Sun Resists - string and foam cut out shapes

What zebras look like when they try hair dye!

A full fat quarter of fabric painted and then salted.
I like doing the bigger pieces best I believe! Now to work up a place to do them.


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